Speaker Management

The Speakers section is an important part of the event webpage to help learn more about speakers and get the attention of attendees. Here's how you can add and manage speakers in this section.

Step 1: Add Section Description

Leave a brief and interesting text about your Speakers section in the “section description” field. Your description will appear in front of the speakers on the event webpage and in the event's mobile app.

Step 2: Create a Speaker

Click the “Add” button to get started on creating a speaker. Fill in general information about the speaker, such as full name, company, position, social media links, and email.

The fields for social media links already have initial information (facebook.com/; linkedin.com/ or twitter.com/), which means you just need to add the link information after the slash.
Links to connect with Speakers are only visible in the event app.

Add a photo of the speaker by dragging a photo or uploading a file to the “Speaker Photo” field. You can adjust the photo with the slider under the photo.

We recommend sticking to the specified sizes to ensure the correct display of the image (500px500px JPG or PNG)

Also, you can share additional information about the speaker with your attendees. This can include their biography, accomplishments, and any notable successes - whatever you see fit. To do this, fill in the “Full Description” field using a text editor. Use all the editor's features: fonts, adding pictures/links, and more.

Speaker groups

Adding speakers to groups helps attendees easily categorize event speakers. To assign a speaker to a specific group, click on the “Group” field. Then, select a group from your existing groups or write a new group in the field.
In that case, the Speakers will be grouped on the event webpage

External Editing

You can send the profiles to the speakers themselves to fill in.
To do this, create a speaker (fill in at least 1 field) and save the profile. Only after creating the speaker profile the “external editing” field will appear. Activate the field. After that, you can:

  • Copy the profile link. And send only the link to fill in the profile.
  • Fill in the email field. And the designed email with the link is sent to the recipient.

It is possible to deactivate the link:

  • The speaker clicks the deactivation button himself. Which is displayed on his fill-in profile page.
  • You can deactivate the availability of external editing yourself. To do this, go to the profile of a particular speaker and turn off “external editing”.

The “External Editing” function is saved automatically.

Please remember to save the information you fill out.

Step 3: Records Overview

All saved information about the speakers will show up in a grid with the option to edit and delete the data. You can also change the order of the speakers by dragging and dropping the records.

Note some of the icons in the grid:
- click to edit a Speaker record
- click to delete the Speaker record

The external column can show two icons and .
icon is shown when you have sent a link to fill in a particular Speaker to an external source.
icon is shown when the link to fill in a particular Speaker is available. After deactivating the link, the icon will disappear.

How groups are sorted on the event page.

The group that is first in order in the overview records in the “Group” column will be displayed first.
The group that comes second in order in the “Group” column will be displayed second. And so on.

If you have speakers without a group, they will always display first on the event webpage

Speakers can be swapped in the grid, so you can easily edit the sorting of groups on the event webpage.

Step 4: Integrate Speaker Section

Yes, you can use speaker section not only on the event webpage but also on a third-party website. To do this, activate the “Widget for a third-party website” and copy the code from the “Embedded code” field to your site. Pre-set the font size and select the font itself. To see how the Speakers section will show up on a third-party site, click the “Preview” button.

Enjoy the simple and easy integration!

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