How to set up your Stripe Account.

Set up your Stripe account and collecting money for your events.

Edenkit helps you get paid for your events. To do this, we use Stripe as our payment processor. All payments are securely processed by Stripe, and once set up, you'll find that funds are deposited into your Stripe account instantly.

Please note that Edenkit does not take fees for ticket sales. This means you have full control over your payment settings, as each time a user purchases a ticket, they will be redirected to your branded payment page on Stripe. So, you can opt using Stripe Tax to auto-calculate VAT for every payment that you receive (be sure to specify this in the ticket description). More information here -

It is easy and fast to link your Edenkit account to Stripe. To set up your Stripe account, go to the Billing and click on Connect with Stripe button. You'll be taken through linking your account.

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