Promotion. Sessions Share.

How to Create a Trustworthy Social Media Promotion for Your Event.

The “Sessions share” feature allows speakers to recommend your event on social media, lending credibility to your event and increasing its visibility. Moreover, the speaker promotes their own session of your event, which will definitely increase the trust to the content and attract additional audience members.

Step 1: Select the Session and Speaker

To begin, click the “Add” button. And start creating well-designed content about the speaker session.

First, select the session that the speaker will be promoting. To do this:

  1. Click the “session” field
  2. Select the session in the list of all saved sessions
  3. Choose the needed session

After that, the “Speakers” field will fill in automatically, according to the selected session.

You can specify additional speakers, to do this, click “Add Speaker” and start entering the name of the saved speaker.

In order for the “Sessions” and “Speakers” fields to provide content, you must complete the Content<Schedule and Content<Speakers.

Step 2: Build Your Content for Session Share

Next, you can build your content for Session Share. Start by uploading a background image or choose one of the suggested backgrounds.

We recommend sticking to the specified sizes to ensure the correct display of the image:
1200×628 pixels for all social media platforms
1080×1080 pixels for Instagram
400×200 pixels for logo image

Continue to work with your social media copy of the Session Share. Add:

  1. Event Title
  2. Event Session
  3. Event Date and Venue
  4. Action Button
  5. Upload Event Logo

Feel free to play around with the size, color, and centering of the content as you wish.

Step 3: Add the Destination URL and Promotion Parameters

In the “Destination URL” field, you can specify the web address to which the speaker's well-designed information will link. This can be you’re the event webpage or any other third-party site.

To accompany the visual part of Session Share with additional information, complete the text in the fields:

  1. Suggested Post
  2. Social Title
  3. Social Description

This text will complement the visual information about the speaker's session and attract additional interested attendees.

The speaker's post will look like this ⬇️

Step 4: Choose Channels for Content Distribution

To make sure your event reaches a wide audience, you can choose the channels for content distribution. Simply activate the relevant social media buttons. And your speakers will be able to share well-designed information on the social media outlets provided.

Below you see a “share link” field, copy the link and send it to the speaker so he can share the well-designed information on relevant social media.

In order for the speaker to share the content, simply:

  • open the link
  • click on the desired promotion channel
  • it's done! A well-designed post about the event is already in the speaker's feed

Don't forget to save all the information you entered. To do this, click the “Save” button in the upper right corner

Step 5: Summary table with entered data

After you save the information about the speaker session, you will see a filled row in the table. Each row is a separately created record with content to share about the speaker session.

You can:

  • Edit the Record
  • Delete a Record
  • Copy a Link to Share
  • Open Preview

That's it) You have prepared a ready-to-use design for the speaker to share. He's going to love it!

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