Schedule Management

The Schedule section empowers attendees to stay informed about the current agenda and manage their activities efficiently. Let's learn how to add sessions to the schedule and link speakers to them.

Go to Content > Schedule:

Step 1: Add Section Description

In the “Section Description” field, write a brief description of what attendees can expect in the Schedules section. This description will appear on the event webpage and event mobile app.

Step 2: Create a Schedule

Click the “Add” button to start creating the schedule.
Begin by specifying the session's location and setting its background color.

All specified locations are saved.
So when you add a new session (or schedule item) you will select the required location from the drop-down list.

To add a session (or schedule item) click on the slot on the schedule sheet.
A popup with specific session settings will appear. Fill in the following details:

  • session name
  • start and end time times
  • speaker/s

all added speakers will be available on the dropdown list. If the dropdown list is empty, add speakers (Content>Speakers)

  • questions to Speakers. Attendees will interact with the speaker via the event's mobile app - if you activate the feature.
  • description

Remember to click Save after entering the details.

Step 3: Records Overview

All saved information will show up in a grid where you can edit and delete the data. Click on any item in the grid and a list of all the items in the selected session will appear at the bottom.

Note some icons in the grid:
click to edit a Session record
click to delete the Session record

===Step 4: Integrate Speaker Section=== You can use Schedule section not only on the event webpage but also on a third-party website.
To do this, activate the “Widget for a third-party website” and copy the code from the “Embedded code” field to your site.
You can also customize the font size and style. To preview how the Schedule section will appear on a third-party site, click the “Preview” button. Enjoy the simple and easy integration!

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