Schedule Management

The Schedule section helps attendees stay on top of what's happening and manage their time. Let's learn how to add sessions to the schedule and link speakers to them.

Step 1: Add section description

First, add a description for the Schedule section. Use the “Section description” field to give attendees an overview of what they'll find in the Schedule area.

Step 2: Create a schedule

To start creating your event schedule, click the “Add” button.
First, specify the session's location and choose a color to make sessions stand out.

all specified locations are saved.
So when you add a new session you will select the required location from the drop-down list.

To add a specific session, click on its time slot on the schedule sheet. A popup will appear to add details:

  • session name
  • start and end time
  • speaker/s

all added speakers will be available on the dropdown list. If the list is empty, you'll need to add speakers first under Content > Speakers.
Speaker management (Link)

  • questions for speakers that attendees can submit via the event app if you enable the feature.
  • description

Once all the session details are filled in, click “Save” to add it to the schedule.
Rinse and repeat to build out the full agenda!

Step 3: Records Overview

Once sessions are saved, they will appear in a grid where you can manage the schedule.
To edit or delete a session, simply click on it in the grid. This will bring up the full session details below.

note some icons in the grid:
click to edit a session's details
click to delete the session completely.

Step 4: Integrate Speaker Section

You have the flexibility to use the Schedule section not only on your event webpage but also on an external website.
Activate the “Widget for a third-party website,” and effortlessly copy the code from the “Embedded code” field to your site. Customize the font size and style according to your preferences. To get a sneak peek of how the Schedule section will look on your third-party site, simply click the “Preview” button.

Experience the seamless and user-friendly integration!

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