How to Start

Let's get started creating your perfect event!

Step 1: Sign Up at Edenkit

To start, you'll need to register in the admin panel by following these simple steps:

To register and create an account, click “Sign up” and fill in the fields with your first/last name, email and password.
After sending the data to the entry email address, you will receive an automatic message to confirm your address. Just follow the link in the email.
And take a little survey, it will really help us get to know you better.

Sign In
If you're already registered, simply click “Sign In” and enter your email and password.
Done! Keep creating your events.

Forgot Password
If you forget your password, don't worry!
Click “Forgot Password” and enter the email you used to register with Edenkit. After “Reset Password” and check your email. Follow the link in the email and enter your new password.
That's it! Now you can easily sign in and access all your activities in the admin panel.

Step2: Welcome page

Here you keep all of the events you've created. This is also where you manage account settings.
At the top of the page are the account settings and knowledge base. Also, from this page, you start the work of creating an event and can start a dialogue with us.

Let’s talk more about it all.

Account Settings
Click on your name (in the upper right corner) and let's see what your account consists of:

  • Profile. Your profile contains personal information, as well as a section for changing your password to log in to the admin panel.
  • Subscription. This is a reminder about our pricing plans :) As well as a quick jump to subscribe to a new tariff plan.
  • Billing. All history of your payments is presented here. And also you can connect your Stripe account.
  • Settings. Use this item to set time settings for your events.

Knowledge Base
Next to the account settings, there is a Knowledge Base button) Here we publish guides with a detailed description of what to do, step by step.

Go to our Knowledge Base ➡️ Choose the section you're interested in (list of sections on the left) ➡️ Check it out!

Chat with Us
Do you see the chat icon? Click it and write us if you have any questions.

Creating the Event
Click the “New Event” button and move on to designing your own unique event.

Step3: Start Make Event

Event creation page.

This is where you provide a minimum set of information so that attendees will see the event that has already been published. Additional details can be added later.
Once you fill out the first section, click the “Next” button and move on to the next section.
There are 4 main sections to fill: Basic Info, Description, Features, Publication. Each section has its specific information to fill out. Let's explore each section in detail:

Basic Info: Enter the event's general details, such as the name, start and end date, venue, location, and time zone.

If the venue and location are not yet known, don't worry.
Activate the “to be announced” switch, and add the venue later.

Customize the event with a main image of your choice. You can upload your own image or select one from our existing collection. Don't forget to add your logo for branding.

We recommend sticking to the specified sizes to ensure the correct display of the image:
2200px950px JPG or PNG for all main image
600px300px JPG or PNG for event logo

Click “Next” and go to the next section.

Description: This is a description of your event on the event webpage that visitors will see.

  • Short description: will appear on the main image of your event webpage. This is a couple of sentences you want to share with your attendees.
  • Full description: will appear in a separate information section. This is where you can describe your event in full.

Cover the event in more detail for visitors to the event webpage. Use a text editor to format the description and make it more engaging. Feel free to use different formatting options, add pictures, links, and more.
Move on, click on “Next.

Features: Start by deciding which features you want to include in your event. You have the option to enable the:

  • Event Webpage
  • Application
  • Registration
  • Edenkit Bot

By default, all features are enabled, but you can choose to disable any that are not needed for your event.

Next, specify the sections that will be available on the event webpage and mobile app. You can customize the sections by swapping them out or changing their names. It's important to note that the order and names of the sections will determine how they are displayed on the event webpage and mobile app.

Each section is marked with an icon indicating where it will be displayed, either on the mobile app or the event site.

Move on, click on “Next

Publication: The first thing you'll see is a summary of the event information you provided earlier. Check it, and if everything is okay, go to the final steps.

That is, Specify the type and name of the domain.

Domain type:

  1. your event webpage will be hosted with the domain name
    Next, fill in the “Enter Domain Name” field and your webpage address will look like this: “your entered”.
  2. Custom: write your domain name like “”. And put A record in your domain settings.

Done! The event is now ready to be published. Click publish and you can go to the event webpage. And now you can start filling the event with content (speakers, schedule, sponsors, etc.).

Or, click “Save as Draft” and come back to publish later.

Step 4: Dashboard

Your Dashboar. The dashboard is where you can access all the metrics of your event, allowing you to analyze dynamics and changes over time. Metrics are grouped based on event data, and any updates or changes will be immediately reflected in the dashboard. For example, when a new attendee registers, the attendees' group count will increase by one.

Sharing Access. You can share dashboard access with your team members by activating the “Share” toggle. Choose to share the dashboard link via copy or QR code.

Team members with access can view the dashboard but won't be able to make adjustments.

Navigation and Help. The admin panel navigation bar is on the left, and each section has a “question” icon for quick access to helpful information. The progress bar at the bottom left corner shows the overall fill rate of your event and the fill rate of each section. So, this will help you fill your event 100%.

Preview Your Event. Click the “Open” button near the event name to preview your event webpage and see how it currently looks.

Now, let's move on to Event Settings and start adding content!

Here you can learn more about creating an event mobile app, event webpage, promotion tools:

- How to create an event webpage
- How to use your event audience. Attendee Share
- How to use speaker's audience. Session Share

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