Informative Event Webpage

Increase the visibility and reach of your event with an SEO-optimized information hub. Wrap your event in a
friendly design with a catchy content feed. Easily manage your webpage without constantly dragging
elements around. Add branding to make your event recognizable.

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Integration into third-party sites
Installing event app from webpage
Responsive and user-friendly design
Demo of Edenkit at scale

Consistency in presenting information

Structured and user-friendly presentation of your event. Quickly add/correct information, change webpage structure using any materials you have.
Linking speakers and schedules
Grouping speakers, sponsors and exhibitors
Virtual booths of sponsors and exhibitors
Delegating profile completion to speakers
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Robust Registration & Ticketing system

Start selling in just a few clicks. Create your own registration forms and collect the information you need. Increase conversion into attendees.
Custom registration forms
Early birds and promocodes
Widget for third-party websites
Group and individual ticketing
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Including mobile event app

Give your attendees direct access to the mobile app, which is published along with the event webpage. Provide a web version of the app for those who can't or don't want to install it.
No need to publish to app stores
Branded app exclusively for your event
Widget for third-party websites
Single data with a webpage is used
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Word-of-mouth event promotion

Social media plugins let you create and spread the word about your event. Utilize a community of attendees and speakers to promote your event. Turn them into event advocates.
Creating engaging content
For session and event promotion
Plugin for third-party websites
Spreading information across 8 platforms
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