Effective Word-of-Mouth Community marketing tools

Create engaging content and attract more attention. Turn your audience into event advocates and expand
your reach by promoting event sessions. Ensure sold out and great return on investment. You'll love the
fact that your event has gone viral and you've achieved success in your industry.

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Integration into third-party sites
Engaging social media content
Promotion across 8 platforms
Demo of Edenkit at scale

Spreading the word about your event

Word-of-mouth plugins for social media help interact with event community and create a buzz. Easily create content and promote your event with advocates.
Quick content creation
Different settings for plugin behavior
More credibility than paid ads
Seamlessly embedded in the event webpage
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Establish interest in single sessions

Promote each session and see how interesting they are to visitors. Session promotion will help attract more registrations and streamline engagement with speakers.
Individual content for each speaker
Engaging audience of the speaker
Saving speaker time to promote the event
Expand marketing channels
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