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Solution for your events

Effortlessly create pro-level events, simplify your tech, and bring in more people and keep them engaged.

Cost-effective and Easy Technology Perfect for event planners who aren't tech experts, have a tight budget, and a small team. We got you covered with all the tools you need to make planning and running events a piece of cake.
Flexible Content Management Making event planning a breeze, our platform allows you to easily manage your event content, and make last-minute adjustments for a better outcomes.
Advanced Analytical Reporting Get the lowdown on what's happening at your event, from attendees behavior, preferences, and feedback, all in one place, so you can measure your event's success and make smart decisions for your next one.
Deep Engagement Chatbot technology and awesome features make it easy for attendees to connect with your event in a personal and interactive way, making the overall experience more enjoyable and satisfying.
Attendance-boosting Promotion Our powerful word-of-mouth promotion tools help you spread the word about your event and bring in more people, ensuring a larger audience and greater potential for success.
Real-time Insights Keep tabs on your event as it happens with our real-time insights and analytics. Know exactly how many people are attending, and how engaged they are, so you can make informed decisions and make your events even better.

Perfect for occasional events

There's always the problem with technology for events that are not held regularly. Edenkit has helped me a lot in this. Was able to quickly create and implement awareness and engagement tools for the event. At the end we got detailed information which helped us find new insights.

Artie Z. / Event Manager

Responsive Event Webpage

Eliminate the headache of designing and building a
responsive event webpage with Edenkit's easy-to-use
platform. Customize branding and fill in content with no
designer skills required.
Effectively manage schedules, speakers, and
sponsors, and keep in touch with attendees with a feedback form. Host
your webpage on your own domain, choose a URL at or use the necessary sections for your existing
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Branded Mobile App in minutes

Say goodbye to the stress of developing a branded mobile
app for your event. Edenkit's platform allows you to create
your own app in minutes, with no need for Apple/Google
certificates or app store placement.
The best way to connect with attendees and keeping them
up-to-date. Deliver information and engage your guests
with a great set of tools, from personalized schedules to
Q&A sessions.
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User-friendly Registration System

Streamline the ticketing and registration process for your
event with Edenkit's user-friendly system.
Customize checkout forms, gather important information,
and receive instant payments through Stripe integration.
Utilize promocodes and our check-in app for a seamless
event entry experience.
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Effective Word-of-Mouth Promotion tools

Easily promote your event and acquire new attendees with
Edenkit's effective word-of-mouth promotion tools.
Save time and create effortless social media content,
transform your audience into event advocates, and expand
reach by promoting individual event sessions. Utilize
speaker communities to generate buzz around your event.
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Deep Engagement with chatbots

Enhance the overall event experience for your attendees
with Edenkit's deep engagement tools, including
personalized event feeds with chatbots.
Keep crucial notifications and sponsor messages organized
and interact with attendees from the earliest stages of the
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Who Edenkit is benefit for

Great for teams who don't want to waste a ton of time on event tech, can't afford to expand their team,
and don't have a lot of technical skills.

A small business owner who occasionally
organizes conferences, meetings and
trade shows to promote his business,
with a limited budget and time.

An event coordinator for a small event
organizing company, who manages
schedules, speakers, sponsors and attendees
all in one place, with a desire to increase
attendance and engage attendees.

A community manager for a non-profit
organization that organizes small
gatherings, looking for effective
promotion and increased attendance