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Registration & Ticketing

Edenkit can help you organize event registration and ticket sales for different
types and sizes of events. We can make any registration forms and ticket types
and integrate the entire process into a third-party site.

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Custom fields

Depending on your event goals, create custom event registration forms. Add surveys and collect information during the registration process, or simplify the form to a minimum set of fields. Learn more about Event Webpage >>

Multiple ticket options

Start selling tickets in a few clicks. Create a different type of ticket with advanced customization in terms of time of registration and sales limits. Offer promo codes to increase interest in your event. Learn more about Event Webpage >>

Ticket promotion

Integrate the ticketing widget or promotion plugin into third-party sites. This helps boost sales and make it easier to register for the event. Learn more about Social Promotion Tools >>

Check-in app

Entering your event will be easy. Divide visitors into groups, add any information you need to consider at the beginning of the event. As a bonus, you can install our check-in app on any device available to you. Learn more about Event Webpage >>