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Attendee Engagement

Deep engagement keeps attention at your event from the moment an attendee
registers. To achieve this, Edenkit can assist with helping your attendees, speakers,
and partners communicate in all manners possible.

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Event Chatbots

Establish direct communication with each participant since registration. All updates, changes, important information, sponsor messages, etc. are kept in the chat, not swiped and instantly forgotten Learn more about Mobile Event App >>


Building connections helps fully realize your career and personal development potential (and maybe even find some new friends). Chats for attendees will speed up the process greatly. Learn more about Mobile Event App >>

Polls and Surveys

Polls and surveys provide you with data you need to analyze the event results after it ends. This gives you access to useful information and an opportunity to make your event better. Learn more about Mobile Event App >>

Q&A sessions

Set up speaker-to-audience communication for any of the sessions. Share a link to the questions page with the speaker or assign a moderator. Learn more about Mobile Event App >>

Personal shedule

Allow each attendee to create their own schedule to participate in the event. Organizers can supplement this by registering for a session, so you know exactly what your attendees' interests are. Learn more about Mobile Event App >>