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Mobile Event App

Development tech used by Edenkit allows to create a whie-label app within minutes. And install it from
the event webpage or integrate into an existing site. You won’t have to publish it in stores, and your
guests won’t be subjected to extra registrations and personal data sharing while using your event app.

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Attendee Engagement

Engagement is essential to the success of your event, and you can make your app contribute to that. Add live polls and surveys, Q&As, and news feed. Help your guests communicate with each other, setting up user chats. Learn more about Attendee Engagement >

Event Chatbots

People feel more relaxed when they are in familiar surroundings. Edenkit offers to create a workspace for each of the attendees with the use of chatbots in their favorite messengers. And it will be easier for the organizer to communicate with guests. Learn more about Attendee Engagement >>


Put a full schedule for your event into the app, listing every speaker and every location for every session, gathering, etc. Give them the opportunity to register for the session and create a personalized schedule. Learn more about Event Webpage >>

Speaker and sponsor management

Provide extensive information on the key people and entities related to your event. Make speaker entries linked to the schedule. Create partner profiles with descriptions, contacts, and promotional videos. Learn more about Event Webpage >>

Interactive map

Arrange it so that everything becomes fully clear for your guests: add an interactive event map into the app, containing links to the schedule and important event' places. Learn more about Attendee Engagement >>