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What is Edenkit?

Edenkit reimagines event management as a collaborative and
rewarding process, where you can easily create engaging digital
products and turn stakeholders into loyal advocates

Customizable and whitelabeled You and your attendees are in charge. We are here to help you connect with each other.
Simple clear prices, no hidden fees One simple price for everything. Focus on your event, not the details.
Building loyal relationships Your event delights attendees and makes them come back. And it grows your community.
Awesome support Customers love reaching out to Edenkit’s fast and amazing customer service.

Perfect for occasional events

There's always the problem with technology for events that are not held regularly. Edenkit has helped me a lot in this. Was able to quickly create and implement awareness and engagement tools for the event. At the end we got detailed information which helped us find new insights.

Artie Z. / Event Manager

Put people at the center of your event

Boost satisfaction and build lasting relationships

Great experience and outcomes retain speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and attendees. This continuity builds and grows your event community over time.
Increase sponsor and exhibitor ROI

More traffic, visibility, and leads boost event ROI for sponsors and exhibitors. Custom content enhances participation and results.
Deliver a personalized event experience

Attendees enjoy seamless experience with cohesive journey and personalized options. They connect and engage with sponsors and exhibitors early on.
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Reach a large audience to sell out your event

Create personalized shareable content

Use our templates to create custom shareable materials for all participants. No designer needed. Save time and resources.
Leverage the power of word-of-mouth

Participants become a new, better marketing channel than paid ads. Community marketing reaches and excites more people.
Focus your marketing efforts

See which influencers and channels are driving registration. Spend your marketing budget wisely. Know where to focus efforts.
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Why Edenkit is worth a try
Edenkit turns event info into webpage, mobile app, community marketing
tools, and more with just a few clicks. No tech skills or hiring needed. Save
you time and money.

We have one price for any events or attendees. And you keep 100% of
ticket sales. Edenkit simplifies event planning - build digital products,
manage content, promote on social media, and more. So you can focus on
your event, not the tech details.
fee for
each ticket sold
unlimited events and
attendees, one flat price
average attendance
savings hours to create and
manage digital products

Run your events with us

Select features Sign up and choose which features you want
to use for your event. You only need to click
on the desired buttons and toggles.
Enter your event details Fill in all the info about speakers, sponsors,
schedule, etc. and upload images. You will
literally only need typing skills.
Enjoy hassle-free management All the features you have selected are
already ready to use. Any changes take place
just as quickly.