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A self-service event platform for quickly creating a webpage, a
branded mobile app and organize ticket sales.
Implement tools to increase attendance, gather feedback,
engage attendees and deliver up-to-date information.

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Responsive Event Webpage

Fill out the content and customize the branding. Your web page will be created automatically.
Effectively manage schedules, speakers and sponsors, and highlight important information in the FAQ.
Keeping in touch with attendees with a feedback form.
Publish with your domain name or choose a URL at
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Branded Mobile App in minutes

Engagement with a great set of tools - from personalized schedules to Q&A sessions.
Your own branded app in minutes, requiring no Apple/Google certificates or placement in the app store.
The app is integrated and installed from the event webpage or from your event site.
Deliver up-to-date information by instant updates.
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User-friendly Ticketing System

Easily set up and run the ticketing and registration process.
Customize checkout forms for your attendees. Gather the information you need during the registration.
Connect your Stripe account and receive instant payments.
Create promocodes and incentivize buyers additionally.
Utilize our check-in app to conveniently organize your event entry.
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Effective Word-of-Mouth Promotion tools

Effortless content creation for social media with our tools to acquire new attendees and promote your event.
Transform your existing audience into your event advocates with attendee share plugin.
Expand your audience reach by promoting each event session. Utilize your speaker communities to create buzz around your event.
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Deep Engagement with chatbots

Communicate with your attendees in their preferred messaging app.
Create a personalized event feed for each participants.
All crucial notifications and sponsor messages won't get lost among tons of push notifications.
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Who Edenkit is benefit for

Ideal for teams that can't spend a lot of time on technology for events,
cannot afford extra team members, and lack technical skills.

Passionate about eventtech and
looking to grow in the industry.
Wants to get the maximum
benefit from the efforts made.

Truly fascinated by organizing
events, open to communication
and everything new. Who is ready
for a quick career advancement.

Aimed at the results of each
event and the development of
long-term, reliable partnerships.